An on-chain KYC pass, blurring the lines of Web2 & Web3

At Multiconomy, we strive to make the MultiversX and Web3 space safer. “Doxxing” promotes accountability and responsibility. With Sec Identify, you can do it in a pseudo-anonymous way.

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Globally Owns Crypto

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Enterprise and Retail Adoption, in a Sustainable Way.

Multiconomy aims to bridge the gap between traditional tech and Web3 for retail, businesses and enterprises in an intuitive and sustainable way.

Sustainability Through the Power of Community

Web2 focuses on corporations and centralised efforts within an entity. Multiconomy strives to be inclusive to our loyal community with long-term commitments and promises that ensure we are community-first every step of the way.

Multiconomy's Core Pillars

Through providing professional service offerings and creation of innovative Web3 products and solutions, Multiconomy’s aim is to achieve the following outcomes.

Diverse Community

The dynamic and sophisticated Multiconomy community is one of the primary driving forces of our product and service delivery. We collectively work together towards a mutual goal.

Strength in Partnerships

Partnerships are a powerful form of collective driving force in order to continue innovating and delivering core products and services, and will be one of Multiconomy’s primary pillars.

Achieving Net-Zero

Making decisions to increase efficiency and reduce wastage for all internal Multiconomy operations as well as carefully managing secondary carbon emissions.

What Others Say About

“ I wish all teams and people would collaborate with such level of professionalism as Joe and Yannic. We have went together through discovery, exploring and defining then developing and testing with them always being on top of things. Finally Delivery of solution that works has brought us to a point where we could fully understand that strategy and effort put into the project was on a very high level. I would highly recommend working together as Joe and Yannic has this rare talent of navigating complexity and getting together all puzzles details of the project in a simple and easy to understand manner. “

Jakub Smykowski

Co-Founder, uPark

“I first met Joe and Yannic on the internet while researching their project, and I was amazed to see such a high-quality project run by such a small team. Meeting them in Paris back in November was a big chance as it was a pleasure to finally talk with such builders and discover a little better their universe and what they plan to bring to the space in the future. “

Louis Michalot

Community / Marketing Manager, Morningstar Ventures

“ I want to express how happy we are with the work that Joe & Yannic did. They went above and beyond to get the job done professionally and efficiently. They were very communicative in terms of making sure the job was being done to our expectations. “

Andy Robinson

Community Manager, uPark

Join the Web3 Growth Journey and Partner with Multiconomy

We believe that Web3 is all about togetherness. No tribes, no sides, and only as a collective. Let’s push beyond retail and garner enterprise support and adoption.