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And what drives us everyday.

We wake up everyday wanting to drive purposeful, and sustainable adoption of Web3. We take a sensible approach without forcing a square peg into a round hole, and realise that not everything is about Web3 and Blockchain.

We see a gap in adoption of Web3 and ESG opportunities leveraging Blockchain.

The world needs to do better. We need to do better collectively and look after our beloved planet earth. Come on a journey with us as we explore ways to leverage the power of Blockchain to achieve this challenging yet fulfilling outcome.

Products Planned in 2023

Commitment to Net-Zero

Multiconomy serves varying clientele levels and uses a sector-agnostic approach

Our vision is to drive adoption to both retail and businesses of all sizes. Real adoption means all sectors, B2B or retail, are interlinked.

Corporate and Large Enterprises

Even though corporate and larger enterprises are the slowest moving and hardest to drive adoption, the ground-work must start now. Every product we launch and every business we consult, we have in mind that the end-goal will be to succeed in onboarding these large-scale enterprises.

Small / Medium Businesses (SME)

The bulk of Multiconomy’s immediate efforts are to onboard adoption of Web3 for existing Web2 businesses, as well as strengthen business practices through service offerings for Web3 SMEs currently struggling through the bearish market phase.

Retail and Individuals

Multiconomy’s products will have B2B and B2C variations, and bridging Web2 and Web3 is also an important pillar we continuously focus on, for retail and also for businesses.

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Core Team Members
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Meet the Multiconomy Team

Coming from 15+ years of corporate technology and web development background, Joe believes that Web3 is the future and continues to relentlessly pursue corporate, enterprise and retail adoption of Web3 and Blockchain.

Joe Wu

Chief of Technology & Solutions

Currently a senior director in a global consulting firm with over a decade of experience, Yannic is eager to push the boundaries by incorporating regular business processes into Web3 technologies to increase the transparency, security and holistically drive adoption.

Yannic Buelow

Chief of Business & Community

Desislava Yordanova Chief Design Architect
Allan Chu Principle Legal Consultant
Harry Burrell Head of Community


ESG inherently should not be a burden. Through Multiconomy, we identify and transition ESG initiatives into value-driven opportunities.

Corporate & Enterprise

Web3 adoption within the corporate enterprise sector is thin. Multiconomy would like to change that in the long-term.


Value-Driven Community

Multiconomy does not want to create a normal community. We strive to gather and unite skill-sets of the whole community to drive Multiconomy forward, collectively.

Hybrid Ethos

We want to strive and push Web3 adoption to corporates and enterprises, whilst remaining community-first at heart. This is a tricky balance to strike, but we are up for the challenge.

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