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The Web3 sector is still at its infancy. Many projects and businesses within Web3 do not understand that despite the lack of regulatory oversight currently, proper business processes still need to be followed to mitigate future risks when (not if) regulations are in place.

Our Stronghold Areas in Fundamental Business

Business Structure

Web3 businesses are often fast-moving, from ideation into build and launch. The lack of time, resources or knowledge of the importance of business setups results in messy or even non-existent underlying legal entity and related support structures. Web3 aren’t exempted from these fundamentally important business practices.

Business Practices

Traditional business practices are still important, even if we are doing business in Web3. In fact, the underlying fundamentals of business stays the same. Managing partnerships, deal-flow, human resources and more are as important as ever, to ensure the success of your Web3 business. Grow with strength and sustainability.

Accounting and Legal Guidance

Whilst we do not provide financial or legal advice, we offer general guidance and can often identify the right direction, or even assist with establishing a legal or financial partnership with a reputable third-party provider.

Processes and S.O.P.s

Web3 and the Blockchain is impressive tech, but it isn’t a one-solution-fits-all. Traditional processes and S.O.P.s still need to exist, especially if a business is to experience growth. Identifying what needs to go on-chain, off-chain and how to logically structure the flow of processes and data is important for long-term growth.

Our Specialties in Web3

Benefits Strategy for Projects

Most Web3 projects are centred around the community. Having a solid benefits strategy to ensure community participants in growth is an important pillar to success in Web3. We formulate complex benefit models and articulate them into bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand for the community and mutually beneficial.

Community Strategies

The community is at the core of a lot of Web3 businesses. They serve as a role of bringing like-minded people together as well as collectively pushing towards a common business goal. The importance of the community absolutely warrants its own set of strategies for growth and management and is something Multiconomy works on day-in, day-out.

Ideation of Solutions

Overlapping with our Products and Solutions, ideation in Web3 is an important inception point to many entrepreneurs. Even successful businesses need constant ideation in order to innovate and drive forward. At Multiconomy, we are never short of ideas. We take a logical approach yet constantly push the boundaries of technology and regulations.

Solution Architecture

Ideation is only the first step. Architecting a solution and implementing it, in a methodical, risk-mitigated and logical way is the key to bringing any product to life. Multiconomy provides a full-service end-to-end design, development and implementation in a seamless experience so that you can focus on how to push your product forward.

Facilitating / Forging Partnerships

Partnerships are important in Web3. Our growing network within our community and client-base enables us to facilitate and forge right-fit partnerships with precision. On top of this, Multiconomy itself is also always open to new partnerships that can bring benefit to both parties in the long-run.

Our Service Standard and Expectations

At Multiconomy, our aim is to approach our services and consulting from 3 angles; fundamental business, Web3 and sustainability.

Professionalism & Empathy

Just because Web3 is reasonably young, it does not mean professionalism should suffer. Empathy and professionalism is at the basis of all Multiconomy’s dealings.

Corporate & Community

Multiconomy manages a challenging and delicate balance between pushing corporate initiatives whilst maintaining a community-first approach.

Sustainability Spotlight

Our view is that Web3 and sustainability goes hand in hand. The transparency, verification and immutability narrative driven by the Blockchain enhances and compliments many of the ESG initiatives that are currently suffering from lack of audibility.

Logical & Down-to-Earth

We treat all our engagements with authenticity. To us, not everything is about profitability. Driving adoption of Web3 and ensuring that we stick by Multiconomy’s sustainability targets are our top priorities.

Leverage the Multiconomy Network

As our corporate, business and community networks grow exponentially, we will always encourage and actively seek out mutually beneficial partnerships as part of our service to you.

What Blockchain? The End User Does Not Care.

Much like a normal user does not care whether a website is hosted on AWS, or developed in WordPress / Shopify, users will ultimate not care about the underlying Blockchain infrastructure, as long as a reasonable standard of interoperability is observed.

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